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Python agent v2.98.0.81

November 30, 2017Download


This release of the Python agent adds improvements to django instrumentation, improvements to django rest framework instrumentation, and various bug fixes.

The agent can be installed using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or can be downloaded directly from the New Relic download site.

Improved Features

  • Enabled reporting of handled exceptions in Django REST Framework

    Exceptions handled by django rest framework are now reported if the resulting response code is not ignored (see ignore_status_codes for details).

  • Add support for the error_collector.ignore_status_codes setting in Django

    Ignoring exceptions in Django was previously limited to the error_collector.ignore_errors configuration option. Ignoring exceptions by response status code is now supported for Django through the use of the error_collector.ignore_status_codes configuration option.

Bug Fixes

  • Servicing aiohttp websocket requests results in an application crash

    Servicing a websocket request in an aiohttp application may have resulted in an application crash when using the New Relic python agent. The application will now operate as expected when handling a websocket request.

  • Ignore incomplete aiohttp transactions

    In aiohttp, connections can be terminated prior to the HTTP response being generated and sent. In those cases, the request handler may be cancelled. These transactions are no longer reported.

  • Fix HTTP status reporting for Tornado transactions

    HTTP status was not properly added to Tornado transaction events and transaction traces. HTTP status is now automatically added to Tornado transaction events in Insights and transaction traces in APM.

  • Fix reporting of concurrent external requests in Tornado

    External requests that execute in parallel in a tornado application may not have been recorded. This issue has been addressed.

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