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PHP agent v9.6.0.255

January 16, 2020Download

New Features

Enhanced visibility into curl_multi_exec calls

  • Previously, curl_multi_exec requests appeared as one segment with one total time. Now, we expose the individual segments of a curl_multi_exec request that include individual times and host details. This provides greater visibility as to which URLs are being called and improved ability to troubleshoot slow curl calls.

Configurable daemon start timeout

  • The PHP Agent has introduced a new configuration newrelic.daemon.start_timeout. Customers may use this to specify a timeout for the agent to wait for the daemon after a daemon was launched by the agent.

    With this timeout set, the agent will not immediately drop a transaction when the launched daemon hasn't acquired a socket yet, but rather grants the daemon time to do so.

    It is recommended to only set this timeout when instrumenting long-lived background tasks, as in case of daemon start problems the agent will block for the given timeout at every transaction start.

Upgrade Notice

  • For cross agent conformance, the agent attribute httpResponseCode has been renamed to http.statusCode. In PHP agent release 9.4, we erroneously introduced httpResponseCode as the replacement for response.statusCode.

    The new http.statusCode agent attribute name will align with other agents and enables standardized alerts and INSIGHTS queries based on a common attribute name.

    Attributes are reported with both the new http.statusCode name and the
    legacy httpResponseCode and response.statusCode attribute names.

    Support for legacy attribute names will be removed in future agent versions.

Known issues and workarounds

Potential memory exhaustion for long running transactions

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