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PHP agent v8.0.0.204

March 12, 2018

Upgrade Notices

  • The newrelic.daemon.ssl ini setting has been removed to increase security. Transport Layer Security (TLS) will now always be used in communication with the New Relic collector.
  • Laravel Queue support has now been enabled for all users. If newrelic.feature_flag=laravel_queue is set, it will now be ignored.

Bug Fixes

  • On FreeBSD and Solaris, when newrelic.daemon.port is configured to use TCP to connect the agent to the daemon, the agent would have difficulty receiving application configuration data from the daemon due to the default timeout of 100 milliseconds matching the delay enforced by the FreeBSD kernel as part of its implementation of Nagle's algorithm. The PHP agent will now set the TCP_NODELAY flag when connecting to the daemon via TCP, which increases the reliability of the agent:daemon connection.
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