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PHP agent v6.8.0.177

November 9, 2016

End of Life Notices

  • Support for PHP 5.2 in the New Relic PHP agent is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. New Relic highly encourages upgrading to a supported version of PHP - 5.6 or higher. If you would like to continue running the New Relic PHP agent with PHP 5.2, we recommend using version 6.8 of the agent, however please note that we can only offer limited support in this case.

New Features

  • Support for PHP 7.1 has been added.

  • The elapsed time after which an application will be considered inactive can now be configured using the newrelic.daemon.app_timeout setting. This setting is useful when the only transactions being executed are very infrequent, such background processing using a cron job. Previously, an application was considering inactive after ten minutes with no transactions.

  • Instance information for the mysql, mysqli, and PDO mysql extensions is now captured. Slow database queries and transaction traces now include the name of the host (including the port or socket) and database that the query was run against.

    Collection of host information can be disabled by setting newrelic.datastore_tracer.instance_reporting.enabled = false in the newrelic.ini. Similarly, the database name can be omitted with newrelic.datastore_tracer.database_name_reporting.enabled = false.

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic transaction naming for MediaWiki versions 1.18 and later was broken in version 6.3 of the New Relic PHP agent. This has been fixed.
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