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Node.js agent v8.3.0

September 9, 2021Download


  • Enabled Distributed Tracing (DT) by default.

    • Added ability to configure the maximum number of spans that can be collected per minute via span_events.max_samples_stored and environment variable NEW_RELIC_SPAN_EVENTS_MAX_SAMPLES_STORED.
    • Added supportability metric SpanEvent/Limit.
  • Added support for properly setting the host and port for clustered MongoDB requests.

  • Fixes issue where .fastify and .default properties would be missing from the fastify export when instrumented.

    Instrumentation now sets .fastify and .default properties to the wrapped fastify export function for fastify v3.

  • Added the following environment variables for the corresponding configuration items:

    • config item: transaction_events.max_samples_stored env var: NEW_RELIC_TRANSACTION_EVENTS_MAX_SAMPLES_STORED

    • config item: custom_insights_events.max_samples_stored env var: NEW_RELIC_CUSTOM_INSIGHTS_EVENTS_MAX_SAMPLES_STORED

    • config item: error_collector.max_event_samples_stored env var: NEW_RELIC_ERROR_COLLECTOR_MAX_EVENT_SAMPLES_STORED

  • Converted several unit tests to use the tap API.

  • Changed assertions for two HTTP error message tests to work with all versions of Node.js.

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