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Node.js agent v7.0.0

November 9, 2020Download


  • Added official parity support for Node 14

  • Dropped Node v8.x support. For further information on our support policy, see: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/agents/nodejs-agent/getting-started/compa....

    • Removed Node v8.x from CI
    • Adds check that minimum Node version is >=10 and warns if >=15
    • Sets Node engine to >=10
    • BREAKING Dropped support for Node v8.x HTTP get() function signature
    • Strictly uses global.URL class in http core instrumentation
    • Removes Nodejs 8.x - 9.x checks
    • Update New Relic Dependencies to versions with updated Node version support
    • @newrelic/aws-sdk v3.0.0
    • @newrelic/koa v5.0.0
    • @newrelic/native-metrics v6.0.0
    • @newrelic/superagent v4.0.0
    • @newrelic/test-utilities v5.0.0
  • BREAKING Removed deprecated setIgnoreTransaction API method

  • BREAKING Removed deprecated httpResponseCode, response.status and httpResponseMessage http response attributes

  • BREAKING Removed the api.custom_parameters_enabled configuration item and associated environment variable NEW_RELIC_API_CUSTOM_PARAMETERS. Please use api.custom_attributes_enabled instead

  • BREAKING Removed deprecated Distributed Tracing API methods, createDistributedTracePayload() and acceptDistributedTracePayload()

  • Finalized removal of ignored_params and capture_params

  • Added additional logging to W3C Trace Context header creation

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