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Node.js agent v2.2.0

August 23, 2017Download

New features

  • Added support for ignoring ranges of status codes.

    The configuration error_collector.ignore_status_codes can now take ranges of numbers. For example, ignore_status_codes: ['400-404'] would ignore 400, 401, 402, 403, and 404.

  • Experimental instrumentation for async/await

    This is experimental instrumentation and has not yet been tested in a wide array of production environments. The feature is currently off by default behind a feature flag. To enable this experimental instrumentation, add await_support: true to the feature_flag setting in your agent config file.


  • Updated examples and documentation regarding custom transaction creation.

    All examples and documentation now point at the newrelic.start*Transaction methods.

  • Transaction state is now maintained in ChildProcess event listeners.

  • Reducing logging verbosity in the SQL query obfuscator.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when a custom collector port was provided in the configuration that prevented redirected connections from working.

  • Fixed a bug in Shim#record that could cause an exception when trying to create a new segment as part of an ended/inactive transaction.

  • Fixed issue with custom Hapi handlers causing an error.

    Previously custom Hapi handlers defined using the server.handler() method were causing the Hapi server to return a 500 error. Now they are correctly handled and recorded as middleware functions.

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