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Node.js agent v1.25.0

January 20, 2016Download

New Features

  • Added support for the new Response Time Line and better representation of asynchronous data.

    This has many implications in the UI. The first is the Application Overview, in the past we've always just shown "node" and maybe "request queueing" on the response time graph. We now show you an application breakdown like our other language agents! This means you'll be able to see how much time was in HTTP externals, your various datastores, or spent in node itself. Overlaid on this will be your response time as a blue line.

    Next page that has been affected is our Transaction Overview page. Specifically when you click into a Transaction to see more detail. Previously we showed you a breakdown of the top time consumers in that transaction, both as a graph and as a table. Unfortunately that graph didn't show response time and the table would show percentages over 100%. Now, like the Application Overview, you will get a blue response time line and the breakdown table will have numbers that add up much more intuitively!

    Finally, our Transaction Trace view has also been updated. The change is very similar to the changes mentioned above for the breakdown table in the Transaction Overview page. You should no longer see percentages over 100% here either.


  • Transaction trace serialization is now 4x faster than before.

    This speedup will primarily affect those with large, deeply nested transactions. Though small transactions have seen some improvement as well.

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