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.NET agent v8.18.241.0

August 26, 2019

New Features


  • Resolves security issue where a manually constructed SQL stored procedure invocation may cause sensitive data to be captured in metric names. See Security Bulletin NR19-05
  • Fix a memory leak introduced in agent version 8.17.438.0.
  • Fixes an issue where NullReferenceExceptions may be logged in scenarios where a large number of segments are created for a single transaction.
  • Fix an issue where the request.uri attribute on transaction traces and event data would be set to the full URI of the request instead of the request path (e.g., http://www.domain.com/request/path instead of /request/path) in automatic instrumentation of ASP.NET and WCF applications, as well as in the agent API method SetTransactionUri().
  • [.NET Core] Fix an issue where memory and CPU metrics may be overstated in APM.
  • [.NET Framework] Fix an issue with the 8.17.438.0 release which can cause a delay in starting up an application.
  • [.NET Framework] Fix an issue where the agent may fail to start for 32-bit ASP.NET MVC applications when the NewRelic.Agent NuGet package was used to install the agent.
  • [.NET Framework] Fix an issue on agent shutdown where an error log message may appear in the agent log indicating an HTTP 409 error response from New Relic. This error did not have any other impact other than appearing in the log.
  • [.NET Framework] Fix an issue where a large number of error messages may be reported on agent startup due to insufficient permissions of the app-pool user to create performance counters. In this release, a specific warning message regarding permissions will be reported.


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