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.NET agent v8.15.455.0

April 22, 2019


  • Fixes a problem with parsing method signatures that do not align with ECMA-335 that could cause an application to crash.
  • Fixes a problem where third-party libraries that perform assembly-scanning using reflection may encounter TypeLoadExceptions.
  • Fixes a problem where the agent may incorrectly report Response Time when custom instrumentation is applied to methods that are called from within an instrumented framework (such as ASP.Net).
  • Resolves security issue with how SQL Server handles escaping which could lead to a failure to correctly obfuscate SQL statements. See Security Bulletin NR19-03.
  • Resolves issue with not rolling up 30x HTTP response codes which resulted in MGI issues.

New Features

  • Adds improved WCF support
    • WCF client task asynchronous programming model (following the task asynchronous pattern) calls are tracked as external calls.


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