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.NET agent v5.5.52.0

September 14, 2015

New Features

  • Added StackExchange.Redis framework support. The .Net agent now records time spent making StackExchange.Redis API calls, which will appear as Datastore metrics and Transaction Trace segments in New Relic APM.


  • Fixed a bug that cause Automatic Browser Monitoring to cause problems on web pages that have no HEAD tag and also contain the text "<BODY" inside of an inline script.
  • Improved agent error reporting for applications using WebAPI v1 in unsupported configurations. A warning will be displayed in the agent log (during agent startup) if an application is using an unsupported configuration.
  • Azure KUDU (scm) sites were being instrumented by the .NET Agent due to a change in the way Azure is naming application pools. We have updated our logic to match the new application pool naming so these sites will be ignored by the agent.


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