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Java agent v7.5.0

January 12, 2022Download
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New features and improvements

  • Update to jfr-daemon 1.7.0 - fixes a memory leak condition by cleaning up copies of JFR recordings. Also updated to use version 0.13.1 of the telemetry-sdk 638
  • Update HTTP response code attribute names. This will add http.statusCode and http.statusText to spans and transactions 513
  • Provide support for Datastax/Cassandra WrappedStatments. 525
  • Add instrumentation for gRPC 1.40.0+ 518
  • Add suppressed exceptions to ThrowableError.stackTrace 405
  • Add Scala instrumentation and Scala API for Monix Tasks 543
  • Add instrumentation for Mongo async/reactivestreams drivers versions 3.4.x to 4.1.x 609
  • Scala Cats Effect 3 - modified the API to support passing the transaction by implicit reference, rather than using ThreadLocal variables 578
  • Add Instrumentation for Play WS 2.6.0 under Scala 2.13 594
  • Agent optimization: change String.replaceAll in favor of Pattern.compile 592


  • Upgrade log4j-core version to 2.17.1 to address security vulnerability CVE-2021-44832 625
  • Enhancements for Spring WebFlux and Reactor Netty instrumentation to address gaps in instrumentation. Also includes support for upgraded Spring Security configurations 538
  • Update Async-Http-Client library version to 2.0.35 to address security vulnerability CVE-2017-14063 577
  • Handle null pointer exceptions in hostname lookup 587
  • Properly expire tokens used in CompletableFuture instrumentation to reduce memory usage and prevent telemetry reporting delays 634
  • Add additional exception handling to catch ConnectionPoolTimeoutException errors, which may lead to an unrecoverable agent state 637
  • Resolve Solr FilterCache Memory Leak 613
  • Reintroduce MongoDB sync instrumentation (erroneously removed in a prior release while async support was added) 635
  • Fix Sql obfuscation so that it applies correctly to queries with certain formatting 632
  • Agent configuration expected_status_codes is not honored when a transaction exception is encountered 565
  • Scala Cats Effect - ensure Http4s transaction tracer is created on request run. This resolves some invalid tracer states that were causing null pointer exceptions 530
  • Fix Akka HTTP bindFlow 555
  • Address Caffeine cache causing memory leak and OOM condition 593

Support statement:

  • New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly to ensure that you're getting the latest features and performance benefits. Additionally, older releases will no longer be supported when they reach end-of-life.
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