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Java agent v3.24.0

December 15, 2015Download
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  • MongoDB

    The Java agent now reports synchronous calls to the Mongo Java Driver 2.12 through 3.1. You will see the Mongo operations in breakdowns in the Applications Overview chart, entries in the Databases tab, and segments in transaction traces. Note: The asynchronous driver is not supported.

  • Akka HTTP and Spray

    The Java agent now reports and names transactions received through Akka HTTP 1.0, Akka HTTP 2.0 and Spray. Transactions are named intuitively based on route DSLs. This instrumentation also supports Cross Application Tracing from calling systems. With our previously released support for Akka, your Akka HTTP and Spray applications will now include activity of those transactions all the way through your actor systems.


  • In rare cases the Java agent's EJB instrumentation could cause a StackOverflowException to appear in application logs.
  • In some cases the Java agent's Netty instrumentation could throw a NullPointerException to application code.
  • Improve performance when using Cross Application Tracing and a large number of threads.
  • In some cases the transaction would not be reported when using Akka with mutable messages.

Known Issues:

  • Play 2.x requests will produce empty responses when the circuit breaker is tripped. We recommend Play 2.x users disable the circuit breaker when using Java agent versions 3.22 or higher.
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