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Go agent v3.15.1

October 27, 2021Download



  • Updated support for SQL database instrumentation across the board for the Go Agent’s database integrations to more accurately extract the database table name from SQL queries. Fixes Issue #397.

  • Updated the go.mod file in the nrecho-v4 integration to require version 4.5.0 of the github.com/labstack/echo package. This addresses a security concern arising from downstream dependencies in older versions of the echo package, as described in the release notes for echo v4.5.0.

ARM64 Compatibility Note

The New Relic Go Agent is implemented in platform-independent Go, and supports (among the other platforms which run Go) ARM64/Graviton2 using Go 1.17+.

Support Statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly to ensure that you’re getting the latest features and performance benefits. Additionally, older releases will no longer be supported when they reach end-of-life.

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