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Go agent release notesRSS

April 18, 2017
Go agent v1.9

March 17, 2017
Go agent v1.8


  • Fixed incorrect metric rule application when the metric rule is flagged to terminate and matches but the name is unchanged.
  • Segment.End(), DatastoreSegment.End(), and ExternalSegment.End() methods now return an error which may be helpful in diagnosing situations where segment data is unexpectedly missing.

February 16, 2017
Go agent v1.6


February 9, 2017
Go agent v1.6


  • Added support for custom error messages and stack traces. Errors provided to Transaction.NoticeError will now be checked to see if they implement ErrorClasser and/or StackTracer. Thanks to @fgrosse for this proposal.

  • Added support for pkg/errors. Thanks to @fgrosse for this work.

  • Fixed tests for Go 1.8.

October 12, 2016
Go agent v1.4


  • Added support for slow query traces. Slow datastore segments will now generate slow query traces viewable on the datastore tab. These traces include a stack trace and help you to debug slow datastore activity.
  • Added new DatastoreSegment fields ParameterizedQuery, QueryParameters, Host, PortPathOrID, and DatabaseName. These fields will be shown in transaction traces and in slow query traces.

October 7, 2016
Go agent v1.3


  • Added a timeout parameter to the Application.Shutdown method.

October 6, 2016
Go agent v1.2


September 7, 2016
Go agent v1.1


  • Added support for Transaction Traces.
  • Stack trace filenames have been shortened: Any thing preceding the first /src/ is now removed.

August 8, 2016
Go agent v1.0


  • Removed BetaToken from the Config structure.
  • Breaking Datastore change: datastore package contents moved to top level newrelic package. datastore.MySQL has become newrelic.DatastoreMySQL.
  • Breaking Attributes change: attributes package contents moved to top level newrelic package. attributes.ResponseCode has become newrelic.AttributeResponseCode. Some attribute name constants have been shortened.
  • Added "runtime.NumCPU" to the environment tab. Thanks sergeylanzman for the contribution.
  • Prefixed the environment tab values "Compiler", "GOARCH", "GOOS", and "Version" with "runtime."

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