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C SDK v1.1.0

June 4, 2019Download

New Features

  • Support for Distributed tracing

    Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through your distributed system. By showing the distributed activity through a unified view, you can troubleshoot and understand a complex system better than ever before.

    Distributed tracing is available with an APM Pro or equivalent subscription. To see a complete distributed trace, you need to enable the feature on a set of neighboring services.

    Refer to the New Relic C SDK documentation for more information on enabling distributed tracing for the C SDK.

End of Life Notice

  • The log_filename and log_level fields of newrelic_app_config_t are currently deprecated. Future versions of the C SDK will permanently remove these fields. To specify the log file and log level to use with the C SDK, use newrelic_configure_log().
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