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View errors in your IDE with CodeStream EU general availability

April 7, 2022

Discover and resolve errors inside your IDE with CodeStream

Wouldn’t it be nice to streamline the way you track, prioritize, and resolve errors? What about minimizing the need to context switch between different tools, when collaborating with a teammate on troubleshooting strategies or digging through logs and other performance data?

Today, you’ll be able to do all of this and more with New Relic CodeStream. We launched CodeStream in October 2021, and today are bringing the functionality to our global customers with EU data center support. All New Relic customers can now take advantage of the combination of New Relic CodeStream’s productivity and observability capabilities with the functionality of our popular error tracking solution, errors inbox. 

With a better understanding and prioritization of errors and issues from within your code, technical teams can reduce technical debt every sprint and efficiently respond to critical errors before end-users are affected.

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