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Node API runtime release notesRSS

May 24
Node API runtime v1.2.77


  • Fixed an issue where Certificate Check Monitor failed with a "no certificate" error when the subjectAltName field was not provided.

May 17
Node API runtime v1.2.75


  • Fixes issue where users could only pass two arguments to Node's core Modules Http/Https request method.

April 25
Node API runtime v1.2.72


  • Scrub URI encoded secure credentials from results.

April 5
Node API runtime v1.2.63


  • Adds Custom Node Modules support for private Job Managers
  • Adds universal abuse header to http requests


  • Fixes bug where customers using a proxy had containers crashing

April 1
Node API runtime v1.2.67

Internal fixes

  • Prevent overwriting of existing images.

March 25
Node API runtime v1.2.58


  • Scrubs HAR entry cookie values

Node API runtime v1.2.57

New Features

  • Shows the customer's website's daysUntilExpiration in the Synthetic Event for Cert Check monitors.

March 20
Node API runtime v1.2.56


  • Masks sensitive header values in HAR log

March 11
Node API runtime v1.2.54


  • Added the formdata-node and async modules.
  • Added support to release Next Gen Broken Links and Cert Checks


  • Yarn version update

Security patches

  • CVEs related to node-gyp, ssh2-sftp-client, urllib, follow-redirects, and ip

February 27
Node API runtime v1.2.39


  • Fixes for future releases of Broken Links monitors and Cert Check monitors
  • Re-upgrades SSL-Checker package which was inadvertently downgraded, causing errors for customers

Security patches

  • CWE-1333

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