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Capacitor agent v1.3.6

March 5, 2024Download

New in this release

  • Added offline harvesting feature: This new feature enables the preservation of harvest data that would otherwise be lost when the application lacks an internet connection. The stored harvests will be sent once the internet connection is re-established and the next harvest upload is successful.
  • Introduced setMaxOfflineStorageSize API: This new API allows the user to determine the maximum volume of data that can be stored locally. This aids in better management and control of local data storage.
  • Updated native iOS agent: We've upgraded the native iOS agent to version 7.4.9, which includes performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Updated native Android agent: We've also upgraded the native Android agent to version 7.3.0 bringing benefits like improved stability and enhanced features.
  • Resolved an issue in the fetch instrumentation where the absence of a body led to failure in recording network requests by the agent.

These enhancements help to improve overall user experience and application performance.

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