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Android agent v5.28.0

October 15, 2020Download

New in this release

Improved attribute validation

The agent will no longer reject events containing invalid attributes. Attributes that fail basic event validation are pruned from the map of provided event attributes. We've also corrected an event creation error where attribute maps containing null keys would result in events with a subset of passed attributes.

This applies to attributes passed torecordCustomEvent(), recordEvent() and recordBreadCrumb() API methods.

Map uploads are now compressed by default

To disable compressed uploads, add the following to the newrelic.properties:


Fixed in this release

  • Fixes the java.lang.LinkageError runtime crash when instrumenting OkHttp 4.9
  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException thrown during builds when the agent inspects classes compiled with JDK 9 and higher. Classes compiled with JDK 9 through JDK 11 are now inspected for instrumentation
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