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Logs v220404

April 4, 2022

More telemetry data with APM logs in context

Logs are more valuable in the context of the application, transaction, or error they belong to. Our latest APM agents support automatically adding context and forwarding logs without the need to install or maintain third-party software!

Your logs will automatically include attributes such as span.id, trace.id, hostname, entity.guid, entity.name, and more. This metadata links your logs to traces, spans, infrastructure data, and other telemetry, making it easier for you to troubleshoot without having to leave the UI page where you are investigating the issue.

For more information, see our documentation about APM logs in context and the agent-specific information for the following APM agents:

If your APM agent doesn't support our automatic logs in context solution yet, you can continue to use our manual logs in context solutions, and forward your logs via our infrastructure agent or supported third-party forwarder.


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