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Infrastructure agent v1.0.834

January 22, 2018


New Relic Infrastructure agent builds are available for multiple platforms. See Update the Infrastructure agent for how to download and update the appropriate version of the agent for your platform.

Note also that this is a Linux and Windows release.


  • Factor built-in integration filters noisy puppet_agent_pid change events.
  • Enhanced information available when running in verbose logging mode to help find StorageSample issues with unsupported file systems.
  • StorageSamples are now collected for vxfs filesystem on Linux.
  • Windows: svchost.exe processes will show more context info in their process names (akin to TaskMgr.exe behavior).
  • Windows: Initial support for optional enabled_elevated_process_priv (set to true to use) which captures more process information if the account being used to run the agent has the SeDebugPrivilege right in its local policy.

Bug fixes

  • StorageSample I/O calculations that show percentage should now display a ceiling of 100%.
  • Agent will better detect when a PID is reused on Linux and Windows, and refresh any cached information about that process.
  • Windows: built-in integration lp.exe (List Packages), has been re-written to use the latest On Host Integration SDK and protocol. The original integration was not working reliably and could litter logs with warnings.
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