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Deprecating Inventory for Cloud Integrations

May 1, 2022


As previously announced, we're ending support for Inventory data pushed from our Cloud Integrations (AWS, Azure, GCP).

What is changing?

Inventory data is currently collected on many AWS, Azure, and GCP integrations. It represents static configuration data or resource metadata. Information from hosts or on-host integrations in Inventory is not affected by this change.

What is Inventory?

Inventory data is information about the state and configuration of a service, e.g. service settings. Data appears in the Inventory page and some integration dashboards in the original infrastructure experience. Changes to inventory data generate New Relic InfrastructureEvent events that can be queried and alerted on.

Capabilities that will no longer be available

  • When browsing to Infrastructure > Inventory, any source from aws/*, azure/* or gcp/* will no longer be available.
  • Built-in dashboards available in Infrastructure > AWS | Azure | GCP | GovCloud that contain inventory or infrastructure events widgets will no longer display data. These dashboards are planned to be migrated as standard New Relic dashboards enabling all the new capabilities (edit, sharing, new visualizations, and more) which are not available in the original dashboard experience for infrastructure monitoring.
  • Queries using aws, azure or gcp sources from InfrastructureEvent will no longer report data.

Why is this capability being deprecated?

  • Customers find more value in Host Inventory, which is not being deprecated, but less value in Cloud Integrations.


  • Most of the attributes available as Inventory in the polling integrations are also available as metric metadata or tags, so you can query for this information.
  • A limited set of integrations also published the same information available in Inventory as standard New Relic Events. In example, the AWS Health integration.

How does this affect AWS CloudWatch metric streams and future integrations for Azure & GCP?

  • Inventory isn't available in AWS CloudWatch metric stream, so there's no impact on this capability.
  • New integrations for Azure and GCP will be focused on MELT telemetry: Metrics, Events, Logs & Traces, with special focus on Metrics.


If you have any problems after this feature is deprecated, please reach out to us at support@newrelic.com.

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