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Docs version: May 10-16, 2024

May 17, 2024

New docs

  • A new doc on our NVIDIA Management Library (NVML) integration describes how to use the infrastructure agent and NRI-Flex to monitor GPU usage and performance metrics.
  • When Vulnerability Management is working too well, a recent update gives you the power to ignore vulnerabilities you're not concerned about.
  • A massive rework of the OpenTelemetry docs category, including a new APM: Monitor apps and services with OpenTelemetry to give you a solid place to start. Other changes:
    • Reorganized the OpenTelemetry > Get started category to add consistent Overview docs to its subcategories.
    • Renamed docs titles to clarify what's in them.
    • Consolidated related docs to make it easier to find related info.
  • For people who'd rather not write regular expressions or Grok patterns to parse their logs, query time parsing is a powerful tool for parsing logs directly in the UI. (A lot of great screenshots in this one.)

Major changes

  • Continued to rewrite the on-host integration docs to make it easier to install and ensure the docs are accurate and up to date. Up this week: Port and Unix monitoring integrations.
  • Clarified how to manage and use data retention rules for single- and multiple-account organizations.
  • We've moved version tracking info from error tracking to version tracking and made some quality-of-life improvements along the way.
  • In October, 2024, we're EOLing the containerized private minion (CPM) and legacy synthetics runtime versions. In June, we're blocking the creation of new monitors using these legacy runtimes. We've added notes to this effect, like this EOL notice.

Minor changes

Release notes and What's New posts

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