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Ruby agent v3.13.0.299

August 10, 2015Download


  • Bugfix for uninitialized constant NewRelic::Agent::ParameterFiltering

    Users in some environments encountered a NameError: uninitialized constant NewRelic::Agent::ParameterFiltering from the Rails instrumentation while running v3.12.x of the Ruby agent. This issue has been fixed.

  • Rake task instrumentation

    The Ruby agent now provides opt-in tracing for Rake tasks. If you run long jobs via Rake, you can get all the visibility and goodness of New Relic that your other background jobs have. For more information, see Rake instrumentation.

  • Redis instrumentation

    Redis operations will now show up on the Databases tab and in transaction traces. By default, only command names will be captured; to capture command arguments, set transaction_tracer.record_redis_arguments to true in your configuration. For more information, see Redis instrumentation.

  • Fix for over-obfuscated SQL Traces and PostgreSQL

    An issue with the agent obfuscating column and table names from Slow SQL Traces when using PostgreSQL has been resolved.

  • Rubinius 2.5.8 VM metric renaming support

    Rubinius 2.5.8 changed some VM metric names and eliminated support for total allocated object counters. The agent has been updated accordingly.

  • Fix agent attributes with a value of false not being stored

    An issue introduced in v3.12.1 prevented attributes (like those added with add_custom_attributes) from being stored if their value was false. This has been fixed.

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