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Python agent v9.8.0

March 27, 2024Download


This release of the Python agent adds support for the latest versions of asgiref and support for AI monitoring when using the following libraries: OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, and Langchain.

Install the agent using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or download it directly from the New Relic download site.

New features

  • Add support for asgiref 3.8.0 and above

    • Asgiref released a new version that resulted in missing transaction context. This has been fixed.
  • AI monitoring

    • New Relic AI monitoring is the industry’s first APM solution that provides end-to-end visibility for AI Large Language Model (LLM) applications. It enables end-to-end visibility into the key components of an AI LLM application. With AI monitoring, users can monitor, alert, and debug AI-powered applications for reliability, latency, performance, security and cost. AI monitoring also enables AI/LLM specific insights (metrics, events, logs and traces) which can easily integrate to build advanced guardrails for enterprise security, privacy and compliance.
    • AI monitoring offers custom-built insights and tracing for the complete lifecycle of an LLM’s prompts and responses, from raw user input to repaired/polished responses. AI monitoring provides built-in integrations with popular LLMs and components of the AI development stack. This release provides instrumentation for OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, and Langchain.
    • When AI monitoring is enabled with ai_monitoring.enabled = true, the agent will now capture AI LLM related data. This data will be visible under a new APM tab called AI Responses. See our AI Monitoring documentation for more details.
  • AI monitoring configuration

    • New configuration options are available specific to AI monitoring. These settings include:
      • ai_monitoring.enabled
      • ai_monitoring.streaming.enabled
      • ai_monitoring.content.enabled
  • AI monitoring public API methods

  • Add support for AWS Bedrock

    • Support for AWS Bedrock Large Language Model instrumentation has been added. Chat completion and embedding data for streaming and non-streaming is recorded for the following models:
      • amazon.titan-*
      • ai21.j2-*
      • anthropic.claude-*
      • cohere.command-*
      • meta.llama2-*
      • amazon.titan-embed*
      • cohere.embed*
  • Add support for Langchain

    • Support for Langchain Large Language Model instrumentation has been added. Langchain Agents, Chains, Tools, OpenAI, and Bedrock LLM data is recorded. Note streaming is not supported at this time.
  • Add support for OpenAI

    • Support for OpenAI Large Language Model instrumentation has been added. Synchronous and asynchronous chat completion and embedding data is recorded. Note streaming is only supported in chat completions at this time.

Support statement

We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If you can't upgrade to the latest version, update your agents to a version no more than 90 days old. Read more about keeping agents up to date.

See the New Relic Python agent EOL policy for information about agent releases and support dates.

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