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PHP agent v4.22.0.99

June 3, 2015


The end-of-life date for this agent version is July 29, 2019. To update to the latest agent version, see Update the agent. For more information, see End-of-life policy.

New Features

Support for the Predis library

The PHP agent now supports the Predis library. Users of this library will see new metrics in the Database tab, nodes in transaction traces, and breakdown metrics on individual transaction pages. Pipelining multiple commands will result in those commands being grouped and treated as a single command metric named pipeline.

Note that our Predis support does not include instrumentation for commands wrapped in MULTI and EXEC via the Predis client's transaction method. We also do not instrument the executeRaw or monitor methods of Predis, nor its PubSub functionality.

Increased specificity of PECL Redis metrics

Metrics made for the PECL Redis extension will now more closely match the name of the function called. For example, the redis::setex method will now create a metric with the text setex, rather than simply set.

Named Laravel Artisan commands

Background transactions that are Laravel Artisan commands are now named. Instead of being named unknown, Laravel Artisan commands will now be named based on the command. For instance, the command ./artisan cache:clear will result in a background transaction named Artisan/cache:clear.

UTC offsets in agent logfiles

The log file format has been extended to include the UTC offset of the local time zone. This makes it easier to match log entries to time windows in the New Relic UI.

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