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Java agent v4.4.0

August 8, 2018Download
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  • Java 10

The New Relic Java agent is now fully compatible with Java 10. For more on JDK release and the Java agent, see this topic on the Explorers Hub.

  • Not compatible with Java 6

In order to continue to innovate and efficiently provide new capabilities to our customers who run on the JVM, this and future agent versions are not compatible with Java 6. If you are running Java 6, you may continue to use Java agent 4.3.0 or lower. For details, see this topic on the Explorers Hub.

  • Akka 2.5 and Akka HTTP 10.1

The Java agent now supports Akka 2.5.x and Akka HTTP 10.1.x. You will see your Akka HTTP calls as New Relic transactions, see the hand-offs between Akka actors, and understand the calls to other databases and services.

  • Solr 7

The Java agent now supports Solr 7.x. New Relic’s Solr support reports database calls to Solr servers as well as monitors the Solr server itself.

Known Issue: JMX stats collection for Solr 7 isn't supported as of this release.

  • WebLogic datasource

The Java agent now displays health data about WebLogic’s datasource in the Datasource tab under the JVM page.


  • Fixed an issue where the Java agent 4.3.0 would not report data depending on the locale setting of the JVM. Java Agent 4.3.0 failed to send event data if the JVM locale is set to use a comma as the decimal. You would see NumberFormatException in the agent log.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the agent will incorrectly attempt to continually retransform classes when an extension with a modification date in the future is used, causing a significant increase in CPU load.
  • Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException caused by ning instrumentation that manifests in Mule instrumentation that causes the request it affects to be retried and the Java agent to not report header data.
  • Fixed an issue where if enable_auto_app_naming was set to true and distributed_tracing.enabled was set to true it would sample every distributed trace event. Now if the agent has both configs enabled, it will not turn on distributed tracing.
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