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Java agent v3.25.0

January 18, 2016Download
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  • Performance improvements

    The Java agent now starts up to 50% faster. Your applications will be available that much sooner.


  • In some cases JAX-RS annotations on interfaces were not being observed, causing transactions using JAX-RS services to be named on the servlet rather than the web servicepath and method.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents Spray and Akka-HTTP instrumentation from applying when using Scala 2.10.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Play 2.x requests to produce empty responses when the circuit breaker is tripped.
  • Fixed an issue where setting enable_custom_tracing to false could inadvertently disable Netty instrumentation.

Known Issues

  • Fixed in 3.29.0

    • Applications that use Play and Ning AsyncHttpClient may miss transactions.
    • The thread profiler may not report data while profiling certain Scala classes.
  • Fixed in 3.28.0

    • Fixed a bug that could cause Akka Http instrumentation to throw a NullPointerException into customer code.
  • Fixed in 3.27.0

    • Fixed an issue where the agent treated HTTP headers as being case sensitive, causing CAT to miss under certain conditions.
    • Fixed various issues related to the proper handling of multibyte character encoding.
  • Fixed in 3.26.x

    • CXF instrumentation can name transactions based on auto-generated proxy classes. Later agents now normalizes CXF transaction names.
    • EJB instrumentation may cause a NullPointerException in application code, and erroneously set transaction names. In later versions, the agent records a metric.
    • The Cross Application Tracing API caused Application Response time to be attributed to other transaction time, and prevented linking of transaction traces when doing CAT.
    • Request queuing calculations could show queuing time as a steadily increasing value instead of the correct time.
    • HttpURLConnection External metrics may not report on the IBM J9 JVM.
    • Transaction traces may report external segments for non I/O calls in Apache HttpClient.
    • The Java agent will now read Cross Application Tracing HTTP header names regardless of case.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause cross application tracing between the New Relic Java agent and non-Java New Relic agents to fail.
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