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Go agent v2.5

February 14, 2019Download


  • Added support for New Relic Browser using the new BrowserTimingHeader method on the Transaction which returns a BrowserTimingHeader. The New Relic Browser JavaScript code measures page load timing, also known as real user monitoring. The Pro version of this feature measures AJAX requests, single-page applications, JavaScript errors, and much more! Example use:
func browser(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
hdr, err := w.(newrelic.Transaction).BrowserTimingHeader()
if nil != err {
log.Printf("unable to create browser timing header: %v", err)
// BrowserTimingHeader() will always return a header whose methods can
// be safely called.
if js := hdr.WithTags(); js != nil {
io.WriteString(w, "browser header page")
  • The Go agent now collects an attribute named request.uri on Transaction Traces, Transaction Events, Error Traces, and Error Events. request.uri will never contain user, password, query parameters, or fragment. To prevent the request's URL from being collected in any data, modify your Config like this:
cfg.Attributes.Exclude = append(cfg.Attributes.Exclude, newrelic.AttributeRequestURI)
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