Query New Relic data

You can query New Relic data in several ways, including in the UI or via API.

Query data in UI

Reasons to query your data from the New Relic UI:

  • To answer a specific question
  • To create a custom chart or dashboard

There are two ways to query data in the New Relic UI: using our query language NRQL, or using simpler query interfaces that don't require NRQL:

Use NRQL in the UI

The New Relic query language (NRQL) lets you use the same language we use to retrieve data and build charts. Use NRQL in these places:

Just getting started with NRQL? See Introduction to NRQL.

Use simpler (NRQL-less) queries in the UI

New Relic One offers several experiences that don't require knowledge of NRQL:

Query data via API

There are several APIs for retrieving and querying New Relic data. You can run NRQL (our query language) queries with NerdGraph (our GraphQL API) and our Insights query API.

For more on New Relic APIs, see Introduction to New Relic APIs.

Understand data types

To understand your New Relic-stored data better, see Data types.

For more help

If you still need help, check out these support and learning resources: