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Docs translation

New Relic documentation exists on these sites:

Toggle between languages

The Japanese site contains the same docs as the English site—some translated into Japanese, others in English.

Every doc on both sites includes a Language dropdown to toggle between the two sites. If a doc has not yet been translated, it still appears on the Japanese site in English.

To toggle between English (docs.newrelic.com) and Japanese (docs.newrelic.co.jp) on any page, select the Language dropdown.

View translation status

Every doc's frontmatter includes its translation status.

If the translate field is blank, the doc has not been translated into any other languages.

If the translate field has a language abbreviation, such as jp, then the doc has been translated, will be translated, or is under consideration for translation.

Request translation

To request a doc for translation:

  1. Make sure the doc meets criteria for translation, such as:
    • High traffic, particularly for that audience
    • Strategic importance to company
    • Introductory and conceptual docs that tell a valuable story about the product or feature
    • Demonstrated customer interest in that market (for example, the Windows/.NET stack is particularly important in Japan)
    • Allows us to tell a "complete" story (for example, including all installation docs for a particular language so we can offer a complete experience)
  2. File a DOC Jira ticket outlining your business case.

The Tech Docs team will follow up with you for additional details, forward your request to the translation project team, and notify you when your doc has been translated.

Update translated doc

Every two weeks the translation services company automatically runs a program that compares changes between the English and Japanese sites. If a translated doc has changes, typically it will be re-translated. If budget considerations affect updates to a translated doc, the translation project team will work with the Tech Docs team and the requester to approve and prioritize the update.

Show SEO status for translated docs

The site's front end uses the doc's translation status information to display the SEO hreflang element for a page. This tells search engines that the page also has a version available in the specific language.

<link rel="alternate" href="https://docs.newrelic.co.jp" hreflang="ja" />
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