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Edit the data dictionary

The docs team maintains a data dictionary that stores metadata information about default data types in the New Relic database (for example, Transaction, Metric, Log) and their related attributes. This metadata is published by our attribute dictionary service in two places:

  • The New Relic UI query experiences display this information when you hover over the data types and attributes.
  • The data appears on the docs site attribute dictionary.


Here are some limitations on the scope of the data:

  • Currently, the only infrastructure-related information we have in the attribute dictionary is for Kubernetes.
  • We also have very few attributes for the Metric data typejust a few basic default onesdespite many potential attributes that could be attached to some data types.

If you're a writer at New Relic, and you need to make changes to the data dictionary, you'll make your changes in our private repository in GitHub Enterprise. See our internal Google Doc team drive about how to set up the repository and where to find the README.md instructions.

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