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Embed videos

Embedding videos helps readers who prefer to learn by watching rather than reading. It also adds some visual pizzazz to the docs, and can be an easier way to explain complex processes. Our team usually doesn't create videos, but we work with teams that do to show off their content across the site.

New Relic maintains video in a few places:

Videos are hosted externally and are embedded in the docs site's page, linking to the external source.

Embed a video

Write introductory text before the embedded video or add a video caption after it. Include the approximate running time in your text, because some video formats will not show the video length until you click on them.

To embed a Wistia video, add this code:


To embed a YouTube video, add this code (the ID is what comes after v=in the URL:

<Video id="YOUTUBE_ID" type="youtube" />

A video example

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