Delete servers from the New Relic Servers UI


New Relic Servers is no longer available. For infrastructure monitoring, please use New Relic Infrastructure. For how to switch to Infrastructure from Servers, see the transition guide.

You must be an Owner or Admin on your account to remove a server. If a New Relic agent is still sending data, you cannot remove the server from New Relic's user interface.

Uninstall agent first

If you disable the Servers agent rather than uninstalling it, the agent may begin reporting data again if the server is rebooted. This will create a new entity in the UI. If you want to stop monitoring the server entirely, be sure to uninstall the agent first.

Remove and delete a server

Owners and Admins

Removing a server will cause you to lose all associated historical data. To remove a server from the New Relic user interface:

  1. Stop the Servers agent from sending data either by disabling it or by uninstalling it completely. To disable the agent without uninstalling it:

    Linux: Run the command /etc/init.d/newrelic-sysmond stop.

    Windows: Launch the Server Monitor Configuration Tool and select Stop Service.

  2. Wait up to ten minutes, then verify the color-coded health status has turned gray and is no longer reporting data.

  3. Owners and Admins: To delete the server after you have verified that no data is being reported: Go to > Servers.
  4. From the index, select the ellipsis ellipsis icon icon for an individual server, then select Delete server.

You can also use the New Relic REST API to delete servers.


If you have problems removing a server from the New Relic UI, here are some possible causes and suggested solutions:

UI option to delete servers does not appear.

If you are not an Owner or Admin on your account, the Delete server option for the server (in the Servers index) will not be available. Contact your New Relic account's Owner or an Admin to have the server removed.

You have not waited long enough.

All server data must stop reporting to New Relic before you can remove that entity from the New Relic UI. In most cases, this takes between 10-15 minutes. In rare cases, it can take a few minutes longer.

For more help

New Relic Servers is unavailable as of May 15, 2018. For more information: