Understand the Lambda monitoring UI

New Relic monitoring for AWS Lambda offers in-depth performance monitoring for your Lambda functions. This document explains how to:

View your data

New Relic One entities list for Lambda screenshot
one.newrelic.com > Entities explorer > AWS > Lambda functions: Select Lambda functions to see charts and details.

To view your Lambda data in New Relic: Go to one.newrelic.com > Entities explorer > AWS > Lambda functions.

For more about New Relic One, see Intro to New Relic One.

If you can't find your Lambda data:

UI pages

Here are descriptions of the UI pages available for New Relic Lambda monitoring:

UI page Functionality
Summary The Summary page displays charts that give you a quick view into the most important performance data. If available, this will feature data gathered from APM agent instrumentation.
CloudWatch metrics The CloudWatch metrics page displays Lambda data that comes from AWS CloudWatch. Charts include: invocation counts, duration, throttles, and error counts.
Distributed tracing The Distributed tracing page shows distributed traces that include the monitored Lambda function. For details about this feature, see Distributed tracing.
Errors The Errors page displays errors (AwsLambdaInvocationError events). You can filter by error rate, error percentage, or error class. You can drill down into errors and see attributes and, if available, stack traces.

The Invocations page lets you filter your invocations by attribute, and view duration, throughput, external calls, and invocation breakdowns.

About invocation breakdowns: Some invocations will generate a breakdown if distributed tracing is enabled during instrumentation. Breakdowns are sampled; approximately 10% of invocations generate a breakdown. This sampling rate may be higher, depending on upstream sampling decisions.

Understand chart data

Lambda data charts are generated by running NRQL queries of Lambda-related event data. Reasons to view a chart's NRQL query include:

  • To better understand what a chart is displaying
  • To get ideas on how to create a custom NRQL query and chart

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