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Compatibility and requirements of AWS Lambda monitoring

Before enabling serverless monitoring for AWS Lambda, make sure you meet the requirements and learn about AWS charges resulting from its use.

Recommended AWS Lambda language runtimes

  • Node.js: nodejs16.x, nodejs18.x, nodejs20.x
  • Python: python3.7, python3.8, python3.9, python3.10, python3.11, python3.12
  • Go: provided.al2
  • Java: java8.al2, java11, java17
  • Ruby: ruby3.2, ruby3.3

AWS has older runtimes for these languages as well, but AWS has not chosen to support the latest Lambda APIs with those older runtimes. Integration for older runtimes requires a different strategy, but is possible.

Python, Ruby and Node.js are by far the most popular languages in the Lambda ecosystem. The New Relic Lambda Layers for Node.js, Ruby and Python include the very latest New Relic agent version, and provide rich instrumentation with minimal configuration, right out of the box.

Similarly, Go uses the New Relic Go agent. New Relic recommends keeping the agent module up to date. Support is limited for agent versions older than 3.16.0.

To minimize performance impact, we've taken a different approach with Java. New Relic provides the OpenTracing SDK for Java runtimes. This approach requires a bit more code to integrate.

For complete Lambda instrumentation, some of our agents included in our Lambda layers depend on a language-specific AWS SDK. If an AWS SDK is not used, Lambda data will appear as external service calls in the UI, with minimal detail. In other words, we rely on the AWS SDK to facilitate instrumentation of your function.

For the following services, only the "target" (Lambda function name, SNS topic ARN, DynamoDB table name, etc.) is reported: Autoscaling, Athena, Batch, Cloud9, CodeBuild, DynamoDB, Greengrass, IoT, Kinesis (Streams, Firehose, Analytics, Video), Lambda, Lex, Machine Learning, MQ, Redshift, Rekognition, S3, SES, SimpleDB, SNS, SQS, Storage Gateway, and STS.

About AWS costs

Enabling serverless monitoring for AWS Lambda may result in Amazon Web Services charges. Our newrelic-log-ingestion Lambda function, which reports your Lambda data to us, is considered a Third Party Service: AWS charges resulting from your use of it are your responsibility.

If you use the Lambda Extension, you can avoid the CloudWatch Logs ingest charge for the telemetry gathered by New Relic.

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