New Relic Diagnostics 1.8.28

Released on: 
April 6, 2020

New Checks

  • ​​Synthetics/Minion/CollectLogs - Collect logs of found Containerized Private Minions
  • Infra/Env/ClockSkew - Detect if host has clock skew from New Relic collector


  • Increase scope of Python/Requirements/PythonVersion’s ability to detect Python version supportability with New Relic Python Agents
  • Infra/Config/ValidateJMX is incompatible with Windows environments and will no longer run when New Relic Diagnostics is run in Windows
  • Base/Log/Copy will no longer return “Success”, but a instead a “Warning”, when only stdout/stderr logging is detected
  • Base/Env/HostInfo expanded to collect kernel version, cpu, and memory information