2019-06-18 Integrations: New metrics for AWS Elasticsearch

Released on: 
June 18, 2019


  • The AWS Elasticsearch integration has been updated with new metrics for clusters.

    • You can now monitor the total number of requests to the cluster and the response codes; rates and latency for indexing and search requests; queued tasks in different thread pools, and errors related to encryption keys. Most of these new metrics are useful to decide whether a cluster needs to be scaled up.

    • Additionally, you can enable the collection of some of these metrics at the node level.

  • The regionName attribute has been added to the New Relic Insights events collected by the Azure SQL Database integration: AzureSqlDatabaseSample and AzureSqlElasticPoolSample.

    • This attribute can be used for grouping and filtering down results in NRQL queries, dashboards and alert conditions.