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XCFramework agent release notesRSS

October 20
XCFramework agent v7.4.0

Fixed in this release Swift symbol upload script. Cold and Hot App Launch Time Metrics are now reported automatically. Note: Warm and…

August 24
XCFramework agent v7.3.8

Fixed in this release Automatic dSYM file upload script updated to use Python 3. Fix for custom event memory leak. Other notes This artifact…

July 13
XCFramework agent v7.3.7

Fixed in this release Updates to support Hybrid Frameworks Fix for custom event memory leak Fix for custom traces when disabling default…

June 1
XCFramework agent v7.3.6

Fixed in this release Bug fixes for stability More accurate bytes received calculation for HTTP transactions Updates to support Hybrid…

April 22
XCFramework agent v7.3.5

Fixed in this release Support for Xcode 13 Fixed an issue with distributed tracing headers not being added Other notes This artifact was…

November 18, 2021
XCFramework agent v7.3.4

Fixed in this release Added New Relic dSYMs for deeper crash reporting symbolication on iOS and tvOS. Fixed reachabilty crash. Other notes…

August 23, 2021
XCFramework agent v7.3.3

Fixed in this release Improved crash reporting symbolication for all iOS and tvOS architectures. Updated post-build step script for…

June 17, 2021
XCFramework agent v7.3.2

Fixed in this release Updated framework anatomy for Mac Catalyst. Crash reporting symbolication bug fixes. URLSession error handling…

April 30, 2021
XCFramework agent v7.3.1

Fixed in this release Support for Xcode running Catalyst and tvOS Simulator on Apple silicon Macs. Other notes This artifact was built using…

March 31, 2021
XCFramework agent v7.3.0

New in this release Adds Distributed Tracing support The agent will now add Distributed Tracing headers to instrumented network requests…

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