tvOS release notes

tvOS release notes

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 13:17 Download


  • Improved dSYM upload script.
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 12:39 Download


  • Corrects bug in dSYM upload script introduced by Xcode10's new build system.
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 12:39 Download


  • +setMaxEventBufferTime and +setMaxEventPoolSize now persist between background/foreground
  • dSYM upload script has been improved. It is now better at finding and uploading dSYMs.

Note: This agent was built with Xcode10. It may be necessary to use Xcode10 for compatibility.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 15:34 Download


  • Fixed race condition in handled exceptions component, which had the potential of crashing on background inside std::recursive_mutex::lock()
Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 13:52 Download


  • Replaced missing llvm bitcode in framework.
Friday, June 1, 2018 - 13:52 Download


  • Agent can now handle region specific application tokens.


  • Fixed inconsistency in deviceManufacturer session attribute; it will always be set as "Apple, Inc".
  • memUsageMb session attribute will now be stored as a numeric value rather than a string value.
  • Fixed race-condition in gesture instrumentation that could cause a crash on app background.
  • RequestUrl and RequestPath attributes on MobileRequest and MobileRequestError events will consistently be not URL-encoded.
  • Crash reports will now be uploaded immediately after processing on subsequent launch.
  • Fixed potential race-condition in +[NewRelic stopCurrentInteraction:(NSString*)activityIdentifier]; that could result in dead-lock.


  • Missing llvm bitcode (fixed in 6.3.1)
Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 15:05 Download


  • Improved performance of symbol map upload script.
  • Improved performance of recordHandledException API.
  • Removed deprecated APIs.


  • Prevents possible corrupted event data.
  • Event/Attribute APIs now accept NSNumbers containing BOOL values
  • +[NewRelic setApplicationVersion:] and +[NewRelic setApplicationBuild:] will now throw an exception if called after the agent is started.
Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 12:44 Download

New in this release

  • MobileRequestError events now contain the response body returned in the network request response, if one exists. Response bodies will only be reported if the http response body capture feature flag is enabled. HttpResponseBodyCapture is enabled by default. Response body data will be limited to the first 4096 bytes (the Insights attribute limit).

  • MobileRequestError events now also contain any cross-application tracing (CAT) data returned in the response headers. See Introduction to cross-application traces for more information.

Fixed in this release

  • Fixed a memory leak in NRMAReachability.
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 16:31 Download

Major release

This agent release was built with Xcode 9, breaking backwards compatibility with older versions of Xcode.


  • Swift error support.

This release adds a new API in the NewRelic object +recordError:(NSError*)error withAttributes:(NSDictionary*)attributes;. This allows Swift errors to be recorded as MobileHandledException events and to be viewable in the Handled Exception Mobile UI page.

  • MobileRequest events are on by default.

MobileRequest events will now be transmitted by default. They can be turned off by calling [NewRelic disableFeatures:NRFeatureFlag_NetworkRequestEvents] before [NewRelic startWithApplicationToken:...].

  • Improved post build script.

Symbol files will now be processed at build time and uploaded to New Relic using the, rather than uploading the entire dSYM at build time. This will reduce network overhead as well as improve the time it takes for crashes to symbolicate.


  • Fixed low frequency crash in NRMAHarvestableMetric.m:45.
  • Resolved memory leaks.
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 13:45 Download


  • Handled Exceptions in Objective-C

The tvOS agent now exposes an API on the NewRelic object:

 +recordHandledException:(NSException* _Nonnull)exception attributes:(NSDictionary* _Nullable)attributes.

Passing a caught exception to this API will record details as a MobileHandledException event and record the thread details of the exception. This information will be available in the new UI for handled exceptions.

A new feature flag is available, NRFeatureFlag_HandledExceptionEvents. This toggles the generation of MobileHandledExceptions events and auxiliary data. It is enabled by default


  • Fixed memory leak introduced by NSURLSession instrumentation.