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tvOS agent release notesRSS

September 11, 2020
tvOS agent v7.0.0

The New Relic tvOS agent is now deprecated. Please refer to the New Relic XCFramework Agent for tvOS support.

August 25, 2020
tvOS agent v6.14.0

Added API to allow the agent data upload hosts to be set during agent start-up. ( +(void) startWithApplicationToken:andCollectorAddress:andCrashCollectorAddress: )

July 21, 2020
tvOS agent v6.13.0

Removed deprecated use of NSURLConnection methods. Improved ptr auth stripping in arm64e crashes

July 13, 2020
tvOS agent v6.12.0

Fixed build warnings related to the tvOS agent

April 20, 2020
tvOS agent v6.11.0

+[NewRelic recordHandledException:(NSException*)] will no longer accept exceptions that were not thrown

November 20, 2019
tvOS agent v6.10.0

dSYM upload script can handle paths with spaces in them

October 25, 2019
tvOS agent v6.9.0

Improved possible race-condition with accessing currentSessionId. Note: This release was built with Xcode11 and may be incompatible with earlier versions of Xcode

September 13, 2019
tvOS agent v6.8.0

Fixed incorrect time units recorded for response time of network errors. It was reporting as milliseconds, and it was corrected to seconds

June 7, 2019
tvOS agent v6.7.0

The NewRelic NSURLSessionTaskDelegate object now provides an isKindOfClass: method that presents as the wrapped class. This improves compatibility with other frameworks

March 14, 2019
tvOS agent v6.6.0

Bumped session attribute limit to 128 from 64

February 5, 2019
tvOS agent v6.5.0

Improved dSYM upload script

October 30, 2018
tvOS agent v6.4.1

Corrects bug in dSYM upload script introduced by Xcode10's new build system

October 9, 2018
tvOS agent v6.4.0

+setMaxEventBufferTime and +setMaxEventPoolSize now persist between background/foreground. dSYM upload script has been improved. It is now better at finding and uploading dSYMs

September 12, 2018
tvOS agent v6.3.2

Fixed race condition in handled exceptions component, which had the potential of crashing on background inside std::recursive_mutex::lock()

June 14, 2018
tvOS agent v6.3.1

Replaced missing llvm bitcode in framework

June 1, 2018
tvOS agent v6.3.0

Agent can now handle region specific application tokens

March 1, 2018
tvOS agent v6.2.0

Improved performance of symbol map upload script. Improved performance of recordHandledException API. Removed deprecated APIs

December 14, 2017
tvOS agent v6.1.0

MobileRequestError events now contain the response body returned in the network request response, if one exists. Response bodies will only be reported if the http response body capture feature flag is

November 8, 2017
tvOS agent v6.0.0

This agent release was built with Xcode 9, breaking backwards compatibility with older versions of Xcode.

October 17, 2017
tvOS agent v5.15.0

Handled Exceptions in Objective-C

July 11, 2017
tvOS agent v5.14.1

Removed URL parameters from MobileRequestError and MobileRequest events. The concern being there may be confidential information contained in these parameters

June 20, 2017
tvOS agent v5.14.0

Now reports network request events to Insights! This feature must be enabled when starting the agent using [NewRelic enableFeatures:NRFeatureFlag_NetworkRequestEvents]. When enabled all network calls

May 11, 2017
tvOS agent v5.13.0

Added a new event type that allows you to annotate the execution of your app, to help troubleshoot crashes and provide greater detail in Insights. Use this new event type using the conveneince method

March 10, 2017
tvOS agent v5.12.1

Adds new API +[NewRelic recordCustomEvent:(NSString*)eventType withAttributes:(NSDictionary*)attributes]

September 22, 2016
tvOS agent v5.8.2

Added support for control characters in Insights data. Control characters will now be displayed by their common escaped character representation. For example: an 'end-of-text' control character will b

September 2, 2016
tvOS agent v5.8.0

Added support for control characters in insights data. Control characters will now be displayed by their common escaped character representation. e.g.: an 'end-of-text' control character will be displ

August 2, 2016
tvOS agent v5.7.1

The dSYM upload script can now handle targets with spaces in the name

July 29, 2016
tvOS agent v5.7.0

Embedded framework support in crash reporting: If your application is built with an embedded framework, the agent will now automatically upload all dSYMs associated with your app and utilize them in s

June 17, 2016
tvOS agent v5.6.0

This is the initial release of the New Relic Agent for tvOS!. The tvOS agent allows you to monitor and manage the performance of your tvOS applications by providing end-to-end details, errors, and thr

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