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tvOS agent release notesRSS

September 11, 2020
tvOS agent v7.0.0

The New Relic tvOS agent is now deprecated. Please refer to the New Relic XCFramework Agent for tvOS support.

August 25, 2020
tvOS agent v6.14.0

Added API to allow the agent data upload hosts to be set during agent start-up. ( +(void) startWithApplicationToken:andCollectorAddress:andCrashCollectorAddress: )

July 21, 2020
tvOS agent v6.13.0

Removed deprecated use of NSURLConnection methods. Improved ptr auth stripping in arm64e crashes

July 13, 2020
tvOS agent v6.12.0

Fixed build warnings related to the tvOS agent

April 20, 2020
tvOS agent v6.11.0

+[NewRelic recordHandledException:(NSException*)] will no longer accept exceptions that were not thrown

November 20, 2019
tvOS agent v6.10.0

dSYM upload script can handle paths with spaces in them

October 25, 2019
tvOS agent v6.9.0

Improved possible race-condition with accessing currentSessionId. Note: This release was built with Xcode11 and may be incompatible with earlier versions of Xcode

September 13, 2019
tvOS agent v6.8.0

Fixed incorrect time units recorded for response time of network errors. It was reporting as milliseconds, and it was corrected to seconds

June 7, 2019
tvOS agent v6.7.0

The NewRelic NSURLSessionTaskDelegate object now provides an isKindOfClass: method that presents as the wrapped class. This improves compatibility with other frameworks

March 14, 2019
tvOS agent v6.6.0

Bumped session attribute limit to 128 from 64

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