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iOS agent v5.0.0

May 1, 2015Download


Insights for Mobile

This release introduces Insights for New Relic Mobile. 

The iOS SDK now automatically records Session, Interaction, and Crash events in New Relic Insights. After upgrading to this release, you will be able to build queries and dashboards in Insights with the new Mobile event type. All events include attributes reflecting session and unique install identifiers, device, OS, geography, duration and other data. See the Insights documentation for a description of Mobile attributes and Insights usage details.

Custom events

In addition to the standard events available in Insights, you can now record custom events. Custom events have a name and set of key:value attributes, perfect for capturing usage, monetization, and custom performance data. Custom events are also available in Insights. See the Mobile Custom Event documentation for details.

Custom attributes

In addition to event-specific attributes, this release provides support for install-scoped attributes. An attribute recorded in the app will be attached to every Session, Interaction, Crash, and Custom event reported from that instance of the app. Custom attributes are perfect for tracking durable information like account id, campaign origin, subscription level, etc. See the Mobile Custom Attribute documentation for details. 

The iOS API documentation includes details on sending custom events and attributes to Insights.

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