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Android agent v4.265.0

March 4, 2015Download


  • This release adds instrumentation for versions 2.1+ of Square's OkHttp library. 1.x versions continue to be supported.
  • This release also adds support for the Retrofit (1.8+) and Picasso (2.4+) libraries from Square.


  • With this release, the Android SDK will require a minimum version of Android 2.3. Apps requiring Android 2.2 can still use the legacy version of the New Relic Mobile Android SDK, 4.244.0 (instructions here). The legacy version will only receive critical updates if necessary.
  • Please note that versions 2.x of the OkHttp library require Android 2.3+ and Java 7. (see https://github.com/square/okhttp/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#version-200)
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