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Android agent v3.419.0

July 24, 2014Download


  • Naming changes to Interaction Traces

    We've changed the naming scheme for Interaction Traces to be more clear. Instead of "ActivityClass#onCreate", you'll see "Display ActivityClass". If you want to change the name of a running Interaction, just call setInteractionName().

  • New API methods for starting and stopping Interaction Traces

    We've added two new methods to the NewRelic class API to give you greater control over starting and stopping Interaction Traces. The startInteraction() method now just takes a string, no context needed. Use endInteraction() to stop a running interaction.

  • New @SkipTrace annotation to exclude methods from default instrumentation

    While automatic instrumentation is one of the more convenient features of the agent, there are a few cases where it can get in the way. Should you encounter one of these cases, simply add this annotation to the method in question, and the agent will skip it during compile time instrumentation.

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