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Infrastructure agent v1.10.26

February 27, 2020


A new version of the agent has been released. Follow standard procedures to update your Infrastructure agent.


  • The agent now sends the integration name (integrationName) and version (integrationVersion) when any events are generated.
  • nri-flex has been upgraded to version v1.0.0.
  • RPM packages generated now include the distribution name in the filename. For example:
    • The RHEL8 package newrelic-infra-<version>-1.x86_64.rpm will now become newrelic-infra-<version>-1.el8.x86_64.rpm when published.

Bug fixes

  • The agent no longer panics on startup when reading corrupt caches files.
  • When using new configuration format the agent would create inventory as integration/<binary name> rather than integration/<integration name> breaking some charts. For better backwards compatibility the agent will now create inventory using the integration's name.
    • For example, when using the Redis monitoring integration before it would create inventory under integration/nri-redis but with the new update it will create it under inventory/com.newrelic.redis
  • Sample text fields are now truncated to 4095 characters. Before these fields would be rejected and so would never appear in New Relic. Now the fields will appear but will be truncated.
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