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Ruby agent v3.15.0.314

February 17, 2016Download


  • Rails 5 support

    This release includes experimental support for Rails 5 as of 5.0.0.beta2. Please note that this release does not include any support for ActionCable, the WebSockets framework new to Rails 5.

  • Don't include extension from single format Grape API transaction names

    Starting with Grape 0.12.0, an API with a single format no longer declares methods with .:format, but with an extension such as .json. Thanks Daniel Doubrovkine for the contribution!

  • Fix warnings about shadowing outer local variable when running tests

    Thanks Rafael Almeida de Carvalho for the contribution!

  • Check config first for Rails middleware instrumentation installation

    Checking the config first avoids issues with mock classes that don't implement VERSION. Thanks Jesse Sanford for the contribution!

  • Remove a trailing whitespace in the template for generated newrelic.yml

    Thanks Paul Menzel for the contribution!

  • Reference external resources in comments and readme with HTTPS

    Thanks Benjamin Quorning for the contribution!

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