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Python agent v9.4.0

January 8, 2024Download


This release of the Python agent adds support for nonced content security policies for browser agent injection, adds new wheels for Python 3.12 and musl Linux systems such as Alpine, deprecates the ObjectWrapper and get_browser_timing_footer APIs, fixes a crash with Kafka instrumentation when using distributed tracing, and removes a case sensitive header check in ASGIBrowserMiddleware.

Install the agent using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or download it directly from the New Relic download site.


  • Deprecated newrelic.agent.ObjectWrapper API

    • Removes custom newrelic.agent.ObjectWrapper implementation and instead creates a pass through to wrapt.FunctionWrapper.
  • Deprecated get_browser_timing_footer API

    • Previously get_browser_timing_footer was an API that would be used to supply information to the browser agent loaded by get_browser_timing_header.
    • This step is now included in get_browser_timing_header, making get_browser_timing_footer obsolete. This function now returns an empty string to avoid breaking existing applications.

New features

  • Added nonced content security policies (CSPs) for browser agent injection

    • The browser agent injection API get_browser_timing_header has a new parameter nonce that takes a cryptographic nonce for use with content security policies. The nonce will be automatically inserted into the generated HTML.
  • Added additional wheel options for Python 3.12 and musl Linux

    • Added pre-built binary wheel support for Python 3.12 as well as alternative wheels for musl-based Linux operating systems (such as Alpine).
  • Added newrelic.agent.CallableObjectProxy to public APIs

    • Previously CallableObjectProxy was never exposed for general use with custom instrumentation, but was present in internal modules used by the agent.
    • This API has been added to newrelic.agent.CallableObjectProxy for general use.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash with kafka-python and confluent-kafka when using distributed tracing

    • Previously Kafka instrumentation packages would sometimes fail to generate distributed tracing headers and cause a crash. This has been fixed and distributed tracing headers should now generate correctly.
  • Removed case sensitive header check in ASGIBrowserMiddleware

    • The agent previously only supported HTML insertion for headers that were lowercase in ASGI applications. The header check is now case insensitive in compliance with the ASGI specification.

Support statement

We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If you can't upgrade to the latest version, update your agents to a version no more than 90 days old. Read more about keeping agents up to date.

See the New Relic Python agent EOL policy for information about agent releases and support dates.

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