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Python agent v5.14.0.142

June 2, 2020Download


This release of the Python agent includes improvements to distributed tracing, and bug fixes.

The agent can be installed using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or can be downloaded directly from the New Relic download site.

New Features

  • Add new span attribute transaction.name

    A new attribute, transaction.name, has been added to the root span.

Improved features

  • Transaction attributes are added to the root span

    Transaction attributes, including response attributes, are now added to the root span.

  • Custom attributes are added to the root span

    The public API methods newrelic.agent.add_custom_param and newrelic.agent.add_custom_params now add the specified custom attribute to the root span in addition to the transaction. If the maximum number of custom attributes is reached, span-level custom attributes take precedence over transaction-level custom attributes.

  • Error attributes added to each span/segment

    Error attributes error.class and error.message to all spans that exit without handling an exception.

Bug fixes

  • asyncio: application crash when a transaction that started on a completed parent task exits

    When a transaction that started on a completed parent task exited, an exception was raised. This error has been fixed.

  • Error attributes are no longer added if the error collector is disabled

    If the error collector is disabled via error_collector.enabled, error attributes error.class and error.message are not added to the currently executing span.

Security Updates

Note that changes were made that add attributes to the root span. Transaction-level attribute filtering via the transaction.attribute.exclude configuration setting will not filter the attribute(s) for the root span. Those attributes may unexpectedly start to appear on the root span.

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